We are the innovation. By pursuing innovative opportunities and challengeing assumptions  we are not just changing the game, we are changing the world. 


Sustainability runs through everything we do.  Our  worldchanging sustainable solution for goods delivery is addressing the challenge of air pollution head on. 

Care and respect

We show care and respect for all people and treat everyone equally. 


We value life and are unconditional about safety. Health and wellbeing at work and at home are of great importance.

Our values

We are a group of people who care about other people, general well being and the environment. We live and thrive on innovation and radiate enthusiasm about our truly revolutionary Magway system.

About us

IET Future Unicorn award

 Start-Up of the Year Award

NCE Visionary Airport Award

Membership and awards

West London Business Alliance (WLBA)

Enterprise Members of IET

Mayors International Business Program

Our story

Magway was founded in 2017 by Rupert Cruise,  a world renowned Magnetic motors engineer and Phill Davies, a business expert.​

The idea for Magway stems from the founders' own frustrations with deliveries. Phill, having ordered three identical gifts for his children, learned that the delivery of them was less than ideal. Of the three gifts, the first only arrived at the second attempt, while the third arrived broken.

His tale of woe and frustrations quickly chimed with Rupert Cruise who was working on Virgin Hyperloop at the time. Rupert is one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in linear motors so their conversation quickly began to explore how this amazing technology could increase the speed, reliability, and sustainability of deliveries. The result of this conversation led them to create Magway, a zero-emissions delivery system that combines proven technology with leading edge innovation.

Our vision

Our mission has since been further spurred on by the rapid growth of e-commerce over the last few years. As e-commerce sales increase alongside quicker internet deliveries and the growth of one-hour slots, delivery traffic on the UK’s already congested road network has risen, further worsening air pollution. Magway's zero-emissions delivery solution tackles the problem of pollution head on. 

It is easy to picture the cleaner, better future:

The country wired up with Magway where goods are delivered sustainably, efficiently and reliably.