How it works

Linear motors and drives

The propulsion system employs linear synchronous motors (LSMs).
The LSMs for Magway are a bespoke design to meet the unique performance requirements of the system. 


A robust and balanced mechanical design which allows for: tight radius of curvature (less than 5 m for low speed sections and 18 m for high-speed sections); the airgap between the primary windings and magnet arrays to be maintained within tolerance; and multiple track switching options

Capacity and speed

Magway is optimised to travel at a speed of 15 m/s (31 mph or 54 km/h).  Magway carriages have a headway of 50 milliseconds, equating to 72,000 carriages per hour (12 million deliveries per week) through each pipe in both directions.

Magway system features

Sustainable solution

As it is entirely automated and powered by electricity,  Magway  produces significantly less emissions in comparison to other freight transportation modes and can exploit renewable energy sources.