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Driving the climate agenda at COP26

Magway made its much-awaited debut at

the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow this afternoon.

Addressing delegates on Day 2 of COP26, Co-founder and Commercial Director Phill Davies called on governments across the world to tackle climate change by implementing industrial strategies centred on sustainable solutions and technology.

Davies was attending The Economics of Climate Change session hosted by Oxera, Europe’s foremost economics and finance consultancy, as a guest speaker. He was joined by panellists Iggy Bassi, Founder and CEO, Cervest; Sam Gill, Co-founder and COO, Sylvera; Robert McLeod, CEO, Infinite Power Company; Michael Naylor, Chairman, Jupiter Green Investment Trust; and Sam Roch-Perks, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Simply Blue Group.

“We are not a solution looking for a problem, we know there is a desperate need for sustainable deliveries in resilient supply chains,” Davies told COP26. “If we are ambitious, we can crack climate change.”

“Governments need to put sustainable solutions and technology at the cornerstone of their industrial strategies and their targets for net zero. They need to set demonstrable targets and walk the walk, and through those steps we really can make COP count.”

Led by Oxera Partners, Jostein Kristensen and Sahar Shamsi, the session highlighted to governments, businesses, organisations and policymakers how economists can focus their efforts in tackling climate change.

“Society is at the start of a process that will fundamentally change how we live, work and play,” said Kristensen. “To reach net zero it will be necessary for the green transition to change most, if not all, our production and consumption decisions.”

The conference featured a short film showcasing six of the fastest growing start-ups and the amazing work they are doing in tackling climate change through their decarbonisation solutions and green technologies.

During the session, a live Slido poll asked the audience to pinpoint the largest barrier to achieving net zero with 62 per cent highlighting slow regulatory and policy coordination as a primary concern.

Michael Naylor, Chairman of Jupiter Green Investment Trust, commented that financial markets and investors were now aligned on sustainability. “Markets now accept that sustainability is a driver to value and that increases the ecosystem that we can invest in,” he said. “Investors are demanding real world outcomes today. The good news about that is real world outcomes are driving innovation and technology to find the solutions and making it easier for us to invest in those businesses.”

To view The Economics of Climate Change conference, please click here

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