Magway can be run entirely off renewable electricity. It can help meet emissions targets and also save lives by removing HGVs from the roads.



The UK is the fourth most congested developed country in the world. The cost to the UK, in 2016 was £30.8bn. On top of this road maintenance costs amount to over £2bn pa, which excludes an additional £12bn required for existing local road repairs. The overall impact of HGVs on the road network amounts to in excess of £17bn pa, with less than a third paid for through taxes.

Magway will reduce the reliance on HGV/LGVs in the future and will substantially improve the traffic burden on roads. It can address the entire home grocery market and 90% of parcels distributed from customer fulfilment centres.



Magway is an excellent opportunity to put the UK at the forefront of the new emerging market for smart delivery systems. We have numerous patents and patents pending to protect our core intellectual property to deliver this innovative new delivery solution.

Sustainable infrastructure for the benefit of all