Allows for more efficient use of logistics space and enables vertical warehousing 

Enhanced Client Offering

Magway can operate at full speed 24/7 in all weathers, bringing your clients location effectively closer to their customers, faster, more reliably and efficiently. It runs in an enclosed tube and therefore also offers a secure service for your tenants.

Cost Savings

Magway is a turn key solution with limited upfront integration costs for clients to become active on the system.  Once integrated the solution offers substantial savings on transportation trunking costs of goods between distribution centres and consolidation centres.

Space Efficient

Magway has been optimised to accommodate online grocery deliveries and in excess of 90% of online general merchandise deliveries to consumers. Our linear motor technology enables our vehicles to climb steep gradients.  Goods can easily on-board onto our system from multiple stories without the need for building expensive and space intensive multi-story loading bays and ramps. This lets you use more space that would be dedicated for logistics for other purposes and to build more efficient vertical warehousing.

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