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Starting a new era for bulk handling - cleaner and more cost effective 

Bulk Material transport - Magway

In the world of bulk material handling, safety, efficiency and sustainability are paramount in this day and age. Traditional methods like trucks and conveyors have long been the backbone of this industry, but emerging technologies are offering innovative solutions to overcome existing limitations. Magway represents a paradigm shift in goods transport systems, offering an all-electric alternative that outperforms conventional methods in several key areas. 


Improved spatial productivity 

Operational layouts have to be designed according to the limitation of the equipment. Trucks and conveyors can handle inclines of up to 30°, requiring slopes to gain altitude and therefore valuable space.  

With a small footprint of 1m pipes that support angles up to 90°, Magway improves the spatial productivity of bulk material sites. On-site transportation can be planned by choosing the most direct routes, without limitations due to maximum gradients and transition points. This allows bulk ports to transform transport space into storage space, mines can drill more direct tunnels towards the ore, and construction sites can move materials to and from urban areas without affecting life around the site.  


Minimal downtime 

Trucks are not automated (yet) but might be in a couple of years. Even then, they need recharging or refuelling as well as regular maintenance for wearing parts (e.g. brakes, tyres) and fluids. Conveyors are already automated, but consist of many wearing parts (e.g. rollers, pulleys) that require frequent maintenance to avoid breakdowns. Trucks and conveyors are only operational around 75% of the time.  


Magway on the other hand is already fully automated and has no wear-and-tear parts, besides the wheels of the carriages. These can be replaced by pro-actively sidelining a carriage and swapping it for a new one, so the system encounters no loss in throughput. Our in-track motors last for 30+ years, which existing linear motor installations in roller coasters already prove to be case, and only require pro-active safety audits. This means, Magway can be in operation for almost 100% of the time, reducing costly downtime for bulk material operations. 


Enhanced safety and security 

Workers’ safety is a paramount concern in bulk handling operations. Construction sites, underground mines and bulk material ports are inherently hazardous environments and safety incidents such as accidents, injuries, and fatalities are a significant concern. Main contributors for these incidents are, amongst others, trucks (e.g. operator error, equipment failure) and conveyors (e.g. maintenance activity incidents, entanglements). 


Magway offers a safer alternative by minimising human interaction with the equipment. Magway's enclosed pipelines ensure secure and reliable transport of goods, without operator errors, risk of entanglement or maintenance activity incidents. Additionally, Magway does not emit dust or tyre particulates, resulting better air and a healthier work environment for the workers on-site.  


Emission-free operations 

The industry is facing increasing pressure from regulators, investors, and customers to decarbonize operations. Therefore, becoming net-zero is a top priority for bulk material operators. Electric trucks and conveyors allow for decarbonisation, but do not contain the dust that affects the on-site workers and the surrounding eco systems. Additionally, electric trucks still emit tyre particulates.  


Magway is not only fully electric, enabling a carbon net-zero operation, but also operates in a contained system that avoids dust emissions and operates without rubber tyres that cause abrasion particulates. Additionally, Magway consumes less energy than trucks or conveyors, reducing the need for green energy infrastructure that produces energy in the first place.  


Magway represents a game-changing solution for bulk material operations, addressing critical challenges and unlocking new possibilities for efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. Compared to the ongoing expenses associated with maintaining fleets of trucks or conveyor systems, Magway is a clean and safe solution that improves spatial productivity and reduces operational downtime. Its innovative design and advanced capabilities position it as a catalyst for transformative change in the mining and materials handling sectors. As industries embrace Magway, they embark on a journey towards a future where transportation is smarter, greener, and more efficient than ever before. 


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