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Magway track - sustainability


Helping create a sustainable future

With urbanisation and global trade continuing to grow, traditional modes of transport such as road and air transport are becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Magway's innovative transport system offers a revolutionary solution to this problem.

SDG3: Good health and well-being

Good health and well-being

By reducing air pollution and creating a safer, cleaner environment, Magway contributes to improved public health. This aligns with SDG 3's goal of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.

SDG 7: Affordabe and clean energy

Affordable and

clean energy

Magway's technology relies on electric power, which can contribute to a reduction in fossil fuel consumption and promote the use of renewable energy sources. By utilising clean energy, Magway aligns with the goal of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Decent work and economic growth

Magway drives economic growth through its sustainable goods transportation system. By reducing operational costs, enhancing efficiency and supporting industries, Magway creates job opportunities and fosters economic development. This aligns with SDG 8's goal of promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

SDG9: Industryinnovation and infrastructure

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Magway provides an innovative solution to tackle transportation challenges. Our distinctive approach of using linear motors and pipelines showcases the potential for new technologies and systems to optimise supply chain operations, fostering further advancements in the industry.

SDG 11 Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable cities and communities

Magway's underground pipeline network can help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in urban areas. By alleviating road congestion, it can contribute to creating more sustainable and livable cities. Additionally, Magway's efficient transportation system can enhance connectivity and accessibility within communities, supporting the development of sustainable urban infrastructure.

SDG12: Responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and production

Magway's efficient transportation system can potentially optimise supply chain operations, leading to reduced waste and improved resource management. By enabling faster, more precise deliveries, it can contribute to minimising product losses and enhancing responsible consumption and production practices.

SDG13: Climate action

Climate action

By promoting a shift from traditional modes of transportation to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly system, Magway can contribute to climate change mitigation efforts. It can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and minimise the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of goods.

SDG 15: Life on land

Life on land

Magway aligns with SDG 15 by reducing carbon emissions, minimising environmental impact and promoting efficient land use through our innovative goods transportation system. By supporting sustainability, Magway contributes to preserving biodiversity and preventing further land degradation, fostering a healthier and more resilient life on land.

SDG 17: ​Partnerships for the goals

Partnerships for

the goals

Magway's development and implementation involve collaboration with various stakeholders, including government bodies, technology providers and businesses. By fostering partnerships, knowledge sharing and cooperation, Magway aims to strengthen global partnerships for sustainable development.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Magway's innovative technology that uses linear motors to move goods through a network of pipes sustainably and efficiently, is poised to play a critical role in achieving several  SDGs:

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