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From parcel delivery to bulk materials handling

​Transformation of customer operations

Transformation of

customer operations

Real time tracking

Provide real time information to optimise operations.


Load tracking

Bulk material quality assessed at loading for dynamic sortation and routing to various destinations.

Secure carriages

Enclosed carriages reduces loss of fine material, which typically contain high-value product.

Improved effectiveness

Intelligent system transports product, avoids waste, enhances industry KPIs, and increases operational yield.

Cost reduction



Low operating cost

 High energy efficiency with less power consumed per tonne moved over 1 km than other systems.

Lower capital cost

Small physical footprint and low fire risk results in significantly lower capital cost than other systems.

Predictive maintenance

Machine learning condition monitoring enables non-disruptive predictive maintenance in non-peak times.



Small physical footprint

Minimal physical footprint reduces environmental impact, crucial for remote and sensitive locations.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

100% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to ultra-class trucks.

Energy regeneration

Carriages traveling downhill generate electricity, returning energy to the system.

Scalability ​


High capacity

100 million tonnes/year capacity, 5x other systems on single straight route.

Modular design

Track elements are designed to be modular allowing quick route design and construction.



Small size and modularity allows track sections to be moved as operations advance.

Low impact end of life

Magway is easily uninstalled, repurposed and reused.

Bulk materials

Magway's system presents valuable applications in bulk material handling industry. It enables the efficient movement of bulk materials and improves material flow, operational efficiency and reduces the dependency on heavy machinery.

Bulk Materials
Magway in a warehouse - Ecommerce


With its capability to transport and distribute large volumes of goods, Magway streamlines logistics processes and enhances efficiency, revolutionising the way e-commerce operates.

​Improved customer delivery experience

Improved customer

delivery experience

Improved delivery estimate accuracy

No traffic, weather or human related delays.

Reduced transit times

Point-to-point delivery, no sort centres or waiting to fill HGVs.

Shipment tracking

Realtime tracking  of the shipment as it travels to the customer.

Secure carriages

Prevents shipments from becoming damaged, lost or stolen.

Cost reduction ​



30% cost reduction per shipment middle/last mile

High energy efficiency per load.

Increased units per shipment

Connecting fulfilment centres allows greater shipment consolidation without a loss in transit time.

Increased fulfilment centre capacity

Safety stock can be reduced by sharing inventory between FC clusters.

​Environment  friendly



Reduction of CO2 emissions

Reduction of 98% when compared to diesel HGVs.

Reduction of tyre particulates

Tyres produce >1000 times more particulates than exhaust emissions.


Energy regeneration

Carriages travelling down slope, generate electricity and supply energy back to the system.

Scalability ​


Modular design

Track elements are designed to be modular allowing quick design and construction.

High capacity

Up to 1200 carriages per minute, equivalent to 2 HGVs.

Low impact end-of-life

Magway is easily uninstalled, repurposed and reused.

Logistics and


The advanced Magway system offers an optimised solution for efficient goods movement across various stages of the supply chain, resulting in improved throughput and significant reductions in operational costs. Our cutting edge technology streamlines logistics like never before. 

Manufacturing and


Magway can be integrated into manufacturing facilities to efficiently transport components and materials between various production stations. It  boosts productivity and reduces the time needed for materials handling, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Healthcare and


Our system can facilitate the efficient movement of medical supplies and laboratory samples within hospitals, clinics and research facilities. It can help improve inventory management, reduce human error and ensure timely delivery of critical items.

Waste management

and recycling

Magway's  technology can be utilised in waste management and recycling facilities to transport and sort recyclable materials. It can automate the process, increase recycling rates and minimise manual labour.

Food and

beverage industry

Magway can optimise the movement of ingredients, packaging materials and finished products within food processing plants, warehouses and distribution centres. It can improve operational efficiency and enhance food safety.

Our technology has several potential applications across various industries. Some industry areas where Magway technology could be used include:

Magway chasis

You might wonder...

  • Magway offers many advantages over traditional conveyor belt systems in bulk material handling. It excels in energy efficiency by powering only the carriages transporting goods, resulting in lower operational costs. Magway's circular design principle ensures longevity with minimal moving parts, enhances safety by eliminating worker contact and reduces environmental impact through lower emissions.

    (see more under FAQs)

  • Magway is a superior solution to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in bulk material handling, offering advantages such as lower operational costs, reduced supportive structure expenses, continuous operation, no elevation constraints, enhanced safety and reduced environmental impact. Visit FAQs page for more info.


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