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Magway: Accelerating Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 Drive


In a bid to transform its economy and society, Saudi Arabia unveiled its ambitious Vision 2030 plan, centred around mega-projects aimed at diversifying the nation's income streams and reducing its dependence on oil (Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision Unveiled through Mega Projects | ArchDaily).

As the Kingdom strives to become a global investment powerhouse and a strategic hub connecting three continents, sustainable and innovative technologies are becoming increasingly crucial. One such technology is Magway, a revolutionary goods transportation system based on electric motors (no-batteries) technology.

Magway's ingenious design

Magway is an innovative transportation solution that employs patented electric linear motors technology to move goods through underground pipelines. The system uses magnetic force track to propel small carriages containing goods, eliminating the need for batteries or fuel. With its unique design, Magway requires less than 80% of the energy to competing systems to move the same mass of goods, providing a sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to traditional transportation methods.

Alignment with Vision 2030

Magway's all-electric and sustainable approach perfectly aligns with the goals of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. Here's how Magway can support the Kingdom's vision:

Environmental sustainability: Magway's system operates without the need for batteries, making it a clean and green alternative. With the Saudi government's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and embracing renewable energy, Magway can serve as an exemplary sustainable goods transportation solution.

Efficient and cost-effective logistics

Vision 2030 aims to optimise the logistics and transportation sector to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Magway's pipeline network provides a streamlined and cost-effective way to transport goods, contributing to the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

Reducing traffic congestion

As Saudi Arabia strives to become a major global logistics hub, traffic congestion is a significant challenge. Magway's goods transportation system can help alleviate congestion by moving a substantial portion of freight traffic underground (or to a dedicated pipe network overground), ensuring smoother surface transportation and reducing travel times.

Smart cities development and integration

Vision 2030 emphasises the development of smart cities. Magway initial installations will be on private client sites for the movement of goods in construction, mining and port environments.  Magway can be used to move materials during the construction phase and then later redeployed elsewhere. 

Invisible Infrastructure

Magway's innovative technology seamlessly integrates into the smart city infrastructure, facilitating the efficient movement of goods while minimising the impact on the urban landscape.

Job creation and technology transfer

Implementation of Magway's technology in Saudi Arabia can stimulate job creation and contribute to technology transfer. The construction, operation, and maintenance of the Magway infrastructure will require a skilled workforce, fostering economic growth and knowledge exchange.


Magway's vision seamlessly aligns with the transformative goals set in Vision 2030, making our sustainable goods transport solution a natural fit for the Kingdom. As Saudi Arabia endeavours to establish itself as a global leader in new technologies that enable sustainable development and economic diversification, embracing Magway becomes not just a logical choice but a strategic imperative.

Together, we can build a future where goods transportation is more than a means to an end but a sustainable, green pathway toward progress. Magway is not just a technology; it's a journey towards a greener, smarter and more prosperous Saudi Arabia.



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