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Magway uses: Modernising port operations with Magway

Magway system in a dry bulk port setting

Picture a bustling dry bulk port located in a key industrial hub, handling sand, clinker, and different types of ore. Space is limited because global trade grew stronger than the original port areas were designed for, causing congestion and limiting opportunities to compete with larger harbours that better prices due to operations at scale. Additionally, the old and expensive equipment does not comply with upcoming sustainability standards and does not meet the efficiencies of more modern dry-bulk port environments.


The port’s management team recognises the urgent need to comply with sustainability standards and simultaneously modernise operations to remain competitive in the national and international market. They seek innovative solutions that can improve spatial productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and align with sustainability goals.

Solution: Modernising port operations with Magway

After extensive research and consultation, the port decides to implement Magway to address all challenges simultaneously. Whilst electric trucks or conveyor belts would have solved for lower carbon emissions, they still emit other particulates (tyre, dust) and do not make a significant difference in gaining spatial productivity or operational efficiency, which the port needs to become more competitive and win customers.

Magway's innovative technology on the other hand offers a solution that ticks all the boxes, whilst also improving on-site safety, creating a better work environment for the port staff.


The port partners with Magway to design and implement the bulk material transport system. Magway's team conducts a thorough assessment of the port's layout, traffic flow, and operational requirements to tailor the solution to the port’s specific needs. The implementation plan includes the installation of pipes, automated carts and advanced tracking and control systems.


  • Optimised spatial productivity: Magway's ability to transport goods vertically allows for efficient use of limited space, reducing the area blocked for transport equipment like trucks and conveyors.

  • Enhanced efficiency: The automated carts and advanced tracking systems streamline loading, unloading, and storage operations, minimising idle time and improving overall productivity.

  • Reduced environmental impact: Magway eliminates scope 1 carbon emissions. Additionally, Magway does not emit tyre particulates or causes dust pollution, creating a cleaner work environments for on-site work force.

  • Costs: Magway reduces operational costs due to lower energy consumption and reduces unproductive downtime by operating fully automated.

  • Safety: An additional benefit of Magway is improved on-site safety. Heavy machinery remains one of the main reasons for lethal and non-lethal accidents in the bulk handling industry, which Magway’s contained system prevents from happening.


With Magway's bulk material transport system in place, the port experiences a transformation in its operations. Port congestion is significantly reduced, turnaround times are improved and environmental impact is minimised. The port gains a competitive edge in the global shipping industry, attracting new business and securing its position as a modern, sustainable port of choice.

By embracing cutting-edge solutions like Magway's underground transport system, ports can overcome obstacles, improve efficiency and pave the way for a more sustainable future in global trade.


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