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Magway in the UK Pavilion at COP28!

Enter the Blue Zone and explore the opportunities that Magway can unlock for you by learning about our features and how we can work with you to decarbonise the future of goods transportation.

Conventional supply chains, particularly in freight and construction, have played a pivotal role in elevating global CO2 levels to an alarming 420 ppm in 2022. Over 50% of global CO2 emissions originate from just eight supply chains. The current system is not efficient!

Our commitment is to deliver an efficient and sustainable solution, bidding farewell to carbon emissions, environmental impacts, safety hazards and fuel dependency. Magway boasts a remarkable Climate Performance Potential, ensuring zero emissions and dedicating itself to sustainable, efficient and affordable goods movement.

🛤️ We drive decarbonisation across all emission scopes. Our system aligns with several UN Sustainable Development Goals and significantly trims operational costs through its low energy requirements. Beyond just mitigating supply chain emissions, we foster circularity and efficiency, sustainably and afordably.

Come and see Magway demostrator in the UK pavilion at COP28!

Let's forge a future where efficiency, sustainability and innovation converge harmoniously.


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