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Designed for a sustainable and efficient transport of goods across various industries.

Magway system comprising different components

Magway system uses 1m diameter pipes (or containment that corresponds with customer requirements).

Linear motors

We use proprietary linear motor technology to propel carriages along a track.


Upper section of the carriage, which is connected to the chassis to provide a secure hold for carrying specific payloads. 


Our track sections are designed to be completely modular, so installation is as easy as plug-and-play.


Moving heavy loads from parcel delivery to bulk materials handling.

Bulk Materials

Bulk materials

Magway removes the unknowns from the transportation network, providing a reliable and scalable system that minimises waste. No more looking at conveyer belts running empty or trying to source hard to find components.


Magway's sustainable goods transport system offers many benefits that can help companies improve their operations, reduce carbon footprint and meet the demand for sustainable and efficient delivery options.


What others say

Delivering good(s)

Enabling zero-emissions goods movement and decarbonising supply chains.

Welcome to Magway, where cutting-edge technology meets sustainable logistics.

Our system offers an innovative goods transport solution that utilises linear motors and a network of underground/overground pipelines to move goods swiftly and efficiently. By integrating automation and zero-emission technology, Magway transforms the way goods are transported, offering a greener alternative to traditional methods. From large-scale distribution centers to urban delivery hubs, our system streamlines logistics operations, reduces congestion and minimises environmental impact. Join us in shaping the future of transportation with Magway.

Magway chasis

You might wonder...

  • We have developed various working prototypes in 8,500 sq ft facility in North Wembley. We have been testing our demonstration circuit for the past 18 months and have collected data from thousands of kilometres of operation. We have also completed the detailed design of a 1 km commercial pilot.

  • Magway offers many advantages over traditional conveyor belt systems in bulk material handling. It excels in energy efficiency by powering only the carriages transporting goods, resulting in lower operational costs. Magway's circular design principle ensures longevity with minimal moving parts, enhances safety by eliminating worker contact and reduces environmental impact through lower emissions. (see more under FAQs)

  • Depending on the use and the user's requirements, Magway can carry up to 250 kg on a single carriage.

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Get in touch

If you'd like to find out more about Magway,  thinking of partnering with us or investing in our sustainable goods transport solution, or you would like to work with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

"We are always looking for new solutions that will make supply chains work
better - improving productivity, service levels and sustainability. Magway fits all of these requirements and we are excited to be exploring with the team how such a forward-thinking approach could revolutionise logistics in the UK."

James Wroath
Chief Executive Officer Wincanton Plc
"The quick, reliable, efficient and sustainable movement of goods around our populous cities is a challenge now and will be for years to come. While traditional methods for moving goods have made significant strides forward, it is also important to continue driving innovation for new solutions, such as Magway, which have the potential to revolutionise distribution and logistics in a way that benefits businesses, consumers, communities and the environment."
Alan Holland
Managing Director Greater London, SEGRO
"At Yoo Capital we are delivering some of the most innovative inner city regeneration projects. At our Olympia Estate development, we are excited by the potential of a Magway system to improve the service we provide our tenants and visitors as well as how we can help reduce wider carbon emissions and air pollution in the city."
Dominic Holmes
Director of Development
Yoo Capital
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