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Why Magway?

Our people

We are passionate about and dedicated to what we do. Working collaboratively, we love turning challenges into opportunities.


Magway helps organisations achieve their zero-emission targets. Our system produces significantly less emissions in comparison to other freight transportation modes when powered by renewable energy sources.

Plus it’s not affected by congestion or the weather. 

Automation and

cost savings

Do it the Magway - pack it, track it & stay in control. Magway represents a significant improvement over current methods of road transportation.

As it is automated and powered by electricity, Magway can reduce operating costs while improving the efficiency of deliveries. 


business and logistics

Being a slave to delivery slots. Getting delays from bad weather. Not knowing when parcels will arrive.

It’s what we’ve always known, but not what we’ve wanted. Magway can deliver the equivalent of

3000 articulated lorry loads through a single 1m diameter pipe, every single day. The catch? There isn’t one. Let’s revolutionise logistics forever.

The unstoppable


Engineering world-changing technology doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve honed our collective craft over 30 years, building a deep knowledge base that allows us to do what we do. But it doesn’t stop there. Our team constantly harnesses the latest tech trends, meaning anything’s possible.

Maway_work with us

Work with us

We know that our people are our most valuable asset. That’s why we champion diversity, act with integrity and celebrate that a good idea can come from anywhere.

Our partners

A young female illustrated with a futuristic mask

Delivering Good(s)

A world-changing, all-electric,


low-footprint, high-capacity  delivery system.

What is Magway?

Sustainable, energy efficient, completely trackable, super secure, Magway is a delivery system which gives you what you want, when you want it, timing deliveries down to the very second.

Magway can deliver the equivalent of 3000 articulated lorry loads through each 1m diameter pipe, every single day. Giving you what you want when you want it.

We are not just changing the game; we are changing the world.

Faster, smarter, safer, cheaper  and cleaner than existing solutions

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