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Why Magway?

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Delivering Good(s)

We are on a mission to decarbonise industrial supply chains.

What is Magway?

Magway is a deep clean tech company on a mission to decarbonise industrial supply chains


We have built an autonomous system for moving goods that uses linear motors to propel carriages along tracks. The carriages have no engines, batteries, or fuel cells, and the track's precise location tracking allows for high throughput, equivalent to two heavy goods vehicles per minute.

The system aims to provide a safe and sustainable alternative to road transportation of goods, helping to decarbonize logistics and improve efficiency, reduce congestion, and reduce pollution. It can also replace conveyors and fossil fuel powered vehicles for moving bulk materials, making the mining and construction industries more sustainable. 

Magway can deliver the equivalent of 3000 articulated lorry loads through each 1m diameter pipe, every single day. Giving you what you want when you want it.

We are not just changing the game; we are changing the world.

Faster, smarter, safer, cheaper  and cleaner than existing solutions

No batteries

Uses low-cost linear motors in the track

Low installation cost

Costs around £1.5 million per km

Zero emissions

Fully electric and can be powered from renewables

Small physical footprint

Suitable for densely-developed sites

Fully autonomous

Constant condition monitoring and control

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