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Zenzic CAM Innovation Day 2024: Insights from Magway's Experience

Sébastien Bethke and Matt Bacarese-Hamilton at Zenzic CAM Innovation Day 2024

Earlier this week, our team members Matt and Seb had the pleasure of attending the Zenzic CAM Innovation Day 2024.

It was an insightful event that provided valuable perspectives on legislation development, community engagement and the practical implementation of innovative technology. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Zenzic and Plug & Play for organising such an enriching event and inviting us to be part of the broader CAM ecosystem. Together, we aim to support each other and establish the UK as a global leader in automated transport solutions.

The event highlighted the importance of working together as a community to overcome shared challenges. This includes partnering with others in the field to build a strong community, advocating for appropriate legislation for testing and product roll-out, engaging communities to design customer-oriented solutions and defining intermediary steps toward achieving our vision. While technological innovation is vital, true progress requires a supportive ecosystem that encompasses innovators, partners, investors, the public and the government.

Our experience at the Zenzic CAM Innovation Day reaffirmed our dedication to innovation, collaboration and community engagement. It also highlighted areas where there is room for improvement, and we are eager to contribute further to the CAM community's advancement moving forward.


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